DIY Rolling Whiteboard Table – with storage

Drum roll please……

The “table” finally has a name: Rolling Whiteboard Table-with storage.


(Check out my previous posts here – My “Table” PlanMy “Table” DETOUR ahead!

As a reminder, this is a project and the challenge is to learn something that you have always wanted to learn to do. Easy enough….but, there were restrictions.

I could only use campus resources, YouTube, my professional learning network (PLN), and Internet Help Forums to help me.

I decided to make a rolling cart or table for my students to use as a flexible seating option in my classroom. I included a video so that you can try it at home! I am working on making printable instructions, with graphics…but that will be a follow up or update to this post. I thought it would be easy, but realized very quickly it’s a separate project (But don’t forget, a lot of the instructions are also on my last post, My “Table” DETOUR ahead!)


I am so happy with how this turned out, and I cannot wait to see how my students will use it.

What an experience this has been. I learned a lot about myself. Although some experiences were just reminders, others were eye opening.

Here are some of my biggest take aways:

  • I am NOT a perfectionist…specifically when it comes to building something. I had to learn when to say “enough is enough” or “remember, you’re learning something…it won’t be perfect the first time!” I have so many students like this, so I need to remember this feeling when they are begging for that “one more minute!”
  • I CAN do this! Throughout this process I was getting so excited about the next things I wanted to make, or learn. This is such a motivational way to learn, and engage with new content.
    • Regardless of what I want to learn next, I am a maker! Makers can direct their own learning, ask their own questions, and develop the skill on their own and in their own spaces (Berger, 2014). However, in my experience the power of project-based learning is much more powerful with the help of people in your network, or in this case using technology.
  • I can’t wait to introduce/explore a learning experience like this with my students. Now that I have the experience and empathy for learning, it gives me a whole new perspective on how technology can be used in an exploratory way.
    • The power of choice allowed me to realize that I could accomplish my goal, because it was something I was determined to finish. I want my students to have the same experience, and “instead of telling them what matters, they need to decide what matters,” (Berger, 2014). Dan Meyer explains this philosophy best with his How long does it take to fill a tank of water? math makeover. 

What would you study or explore if you were given the opportunity to choose anything you wanted?


Berger, W. (2014). A More Beautiful Question. New York: Bloomsbury.



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