My “Table” Plan

Over the coming weeks I am about to embark on a journey in building. 8421289746_0893d88171_m

I was the girl in the dorms with a pink toolkit that came in handy when someone needed to borrow a screwdriver, or hammer, to put up a picture. But, I have never built something from the ground up.

The idea of using power tools and saws seems intimidating, but I am up for the challenge and learning process!

My first project will be to create a “table” (for the moment this is a working title), that will be used in my classroom as a flexible seating option. I am so excited to completely revamp my classroom this coming school year, and this item will be a constant reminder of the learning process and sense of fulfillment. Or so I hope…

Unnamed image (3).png
The House of Wood is another resource with lots of plans and step-by-step instructions.

I envision this “table” to have a kitchen island type of feel. It will be taller than your average desk, and will be a place that allows students to stand if they want, or even pull up a stool. I would like to add wheels to this “table” to allow this space to move around the room. The wheels will need to have locks on them, to keep it from rolling while students work. I have found several great ideas online that have sparked this idea, but I will also be putting my own spin onto them as I create it.

The first site that I visited was “Shanty-2-Chic,” which are two sisters that renovate and have a show on HGTV. I had never heard of them before, but I am very excited about their website. They offer building plans, and write very clear step-by-step blog posts about each of their projects (and the pictures are extremely helpful too).

Unnamed image (1).png
Shanty-2-Chic idea for a rolling kitchen island plans. I think this will be helpful with the actual building process.

As I continued looking, I found a great IKEA hack.

Unnamed image (2).png
This is two IKEA bookshelves connected together, with a workspace built on top – I love the storage idea. The sometimes blog of a designer nerd Birch & Lily, had this great hack idea.

This project got me thinking about adding additional storage to the “table,” which will make it a multipurpose space in the classroom. Supplies or even book boxes could be stored here!  This idea has potential, but this got me thinking even more about the actual material of the work space on the table top.

I think I would rather purchase or find countertop, and attach this as the workspace. It could even be one piece of wood, rather than planks of wood attached with wood glue. It would be one solid work surface, which is something I consider important when I work.  I think this is going to be a cost restriction, but as I explore this further I can make my decision and be flexible with my findings.

Untitled image (1)
This item was found on Etsy but is no longer available – I just like the extended workspace to pull stools up to.

Additionally, I would like the workspace part of the table to extend out over the base. This will allow for stools to be pulled up comfortably below it. I am so excited because I already have three old bar stools that I can repurpose to go with it! This will have to be another building journey once this project is completed. I am so excited to reach out to my network of online forums, and how to videos as I start on this adventure.

I have already started following RYOBI Tools on twitter to see some basic tricks of the trade. I also hit the jackpot with how-to videos thanks to Home Depot’s Blog. I’m sure these will come in handy when it comes to the actual construction of my new “table.”

Let the journey begin!

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